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Ginger Johnson

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“I feel like I am so blessed that you came into my life even though for such a short time. I feel like It wasn’t just by chance you ended up at the cancer clinic. You had sparkle and magic to spread to so many! Just your air of positivity was so needed, that night you spent with my colleague and I. I am so thankful to you for this new tool in my life. I paid this forward by teaching my daughters. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. Thank you for teaching me how to enhance my life. Thank you for teaching me about positivity. I will never forget you.”


“I’m still following your ideas on pain management. Glad to say I have very little, I still can’t thank you enough. I hope all is well in your world, God bless.”


“I’m very grateful for your role in my treatment plan! I really enjoy our time together and acknowledge that the connections felt early-on, have made a significant difference in recovery… not just because of the pills, but because of the expertise and intuition that accompanies them. Sincere thanks to you Dr R! I thank the Divine that you’re in my life! Thank you for creating a space that allows me to be me, along w/some shadows that lurk about… Thank you for your willingness to live thru both the dire and joyous moments, and value both! That you’re so willing to share blesses my life and for that I thank you… and the Divine!”


“Thank you Heidi. I appreciate you! A week or so before and since we talked, I have had a stomach ache that was pretty much a constant one, causing me to be really stressed and not able to sleep or relax. But yesterday, since I’ve implemented your new regimen with much of the old, it has subsided. Thanks for answering my questions. I love your kindness to me. Thanks, wonder worker! You are the best.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. You are by far the most understanding and kind doctor I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I appreciate everything you have done to help me.Thank you.”